September 4th, 2008

Why do roses start die/bend after a day in a vase?

I never really understand why when you get a beautiful arrangement of long stem roses, after about a day in a vase with water they start to bend at the neck or seem like they are about to die. It totally sucks!(urgh) Does it mean they were at their end when they were purchased, they were a bad batch to begin with or some other reason? I would really like to know in order to avoid this from happening in the future. Anyone who knows about roses?

A rose bud/flower on the plant receives a continuous water supply from the soil through its stem/stalk.

When it is cut; its life line is cut and the process of withering is set in.

To prevent this and to keep them looking fresh in a flower vase for a longer time kindly try the following.

1) Get fresh roses with long stalk from a reputed supplier.
2) At home, cut the lower end of each stalk obliquely for an inch or so UNDER WATER.
This will get rid of air bubbles that have entered the xylem elements in the stalk.
They are the water carriers in the upward direction.The air bubbles block the passage of water.
Cutting the lower ends under water prevents fresh air bubbles entering the xylem elements.
3) Transfer these roses to the flower vase containing enough water immediately; so that the lower cut portion remains under water continuously and the water supply to the flower/bud is unhindered.
4) Protect the flowers from strong wind and high temp. as both these factors increase the loss of water from the flowers.

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